Post with a Background Image

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Here be a sample post with a custom background image. To utilize this “feature” just add the following YAML to a post’s front matter.

  background: filename.png

This little bit of YAML makes the assumption that your background image asset is in the /images folder. If you place it somewhere else or are hotlinking from the web, just include the full http(s):// URL. Either way you should have a background image that is tiled.

If you want to set a background image for the entire site just add background: filename.png to your _config.yml and BOOM — background images on every page!

Background images from Subtle Patterns (Subtle Patterns) / CC BY-SA 3.0


## 芦苇地带 ◎杨牧那是一个寒冷的上午 在离开城市不远的芦苇地带,我站在风中想象你正穿过人群— 竟感觉我十分喜欢 这种等待,然而我对自己说 这次风中的等待将是风中最后的等待 我数着阳台里外的 盆景,揣测榕树的年代 看清晨的阳光斜打 一朵冬天的台湾菊 那时你正在穿过人群...… Continue reading

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